Yury Feygin Tuning Piano

Our Approach

Leading The Standards
There are many digital machines and even smartphone apps which can help you determine if your piano is in tune.  They absolutely do work to see if your piano is in pitch but no professional recording studio or concert hall will allow a tuner with such a device.  -An acoustical piano has natural imperfections.  Only with an ear tuning can a professional piano tuner bring out the finer qualities of the piano but also to make the sound even and controllable.

Our Story

Knowledgeable Technicians
Piano Tuning is the last step in the education process when training to become a professional piano technician.  Before tuning, it should be determined if there are mechanical and structural imperfections which can be worsened by tuning.  Many disregard dangerous issues and tune the piano, potentially making problems worse.  Our technicians will always advise of proper placement in the home, a maintenance schedule to follow and present with possible options with respect to market value.

How old is your piano?

You can always take a picture of the serial number and brand name and submit for research to authenticate the manufacturer information and year when your piano was made.  Piano manufacturers only put patent dates on the plates, never year of make.