Piano Estimate and Appraisal Services

Before you accept the piano and spend to have it moved, it makes all the sense to have an expert estimate performed to get the full picture of cost of maintenance and repairs and value

Piano Restoration

For generations, our craft is passed on and perfected.  We are the purveyors of the art of piano restoration.  We take our clients on a journey through history of piano design to reveal the secrets of piano design and help restore the original sound from a piano damaged by years of abuse and neglect, sometimes flooding and fire damage.

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Piano Moving and Storage

We take care of your piano like it is ours at our climate controlled piano storage facilities and have made many investments to make sure that in our PianoLimo, every piano travels in climate control, accompanied by a professional piano technician.
State of the art equipment including robotic stair climbing machines make the impossible safe and cost effective.
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Since 1993

For three generations, it is a pleasure to help bring music to so many homes, recording studios and concert halls.

The work we do to restore a piano is very difficult and only a handfull of people left in the world really know how to bring back the original sound of an antique piano.

-For generations we collect rare antique investment pianos, to be able to stock the aged soundboard wood and hardwoods to make shims and restore our clients' pianos.

Our restoration work comes with twice the warranty of any new piano manufacturer

Piano Restoration Amadeus

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We are here to help with advice on piano maintenance and values. All types of vintage piano parts, including mechanism, case and structural components are probably in stock.  We also have benches tools and all accessories to help you enjoy your instrument to the max.

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