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Is my Piano Safe?

     It’s true that a piano is meant to last a lifetime and through generations.  With a cast iron plate, reinforced beams, hardwood multi-ply bridges and pin-blocks, and its steel strings, it would seem a piano is invulnerable to subtle changes in temperature and humidity. 

     In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.  A piano is much more sensitive, especially, to the changes in humidity than one might suspect.   Constructed well over 300 years ago, the superstructure of the piano and its mechanism are most vulnerable to instability and variation of its surroundings.  All modern pianos today are still constructed with the same principles and materials as in their debut.

     The Piano Life Saver System, a humidity control system manufactured by Dampp-Chaser, is the only system on the market today that offers climate stability.  With this system, the maintenance schedule of the piano is cut virtually in half, prolonging its life cycle.  Without it, especially in the coastal states and homes on or near the water, the piano deteriorates at a much faster rate, causing higher maintenance expenses and a life cycle up to five times shorter than usual.

The graph below illustrates a typical piano tuning and action regulation cycle for a new piano (over its first twelve years) located in either a coastal city or the midwest versus one with a humidity control system installed.

Humidity Control System Piano Humidifier

Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System



Protect your piano from humidity extremes with the proven Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System.  More than a piece of fine furniture, your piano is a precision instrument.  Its more than 9,000 individual parts are uniquely susceptible to changes in humidity.  Yet very few homes are kept at the constant 42% humidity level necessary for the maintenance of optimum sound reproduction.  Instead, high humidity can cause the keys to stick and the strings to rust.  Central heating reduces moisture to unsafe levels, impairing wood quality and causing rattling keys, slipping pins and, eventually, a cracked soundboard.  Under these conditions, it is impossible for even the finest pianos to maintain tuning stability. Because the piano mechanism is enclosed in a cabinet, it can be protected by a simple internal system independent of external conditions.  Now, with the installation of an automatic humidity control system from Dampp-Chaser, you can keep your piano in a safe, stable environment, and save hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance in the years ahead and double its life.

Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is the proud recipient of the Field Expert Award by Dampp-Chaser, the leading manufacturer of climate control systems.

(In actuality, we've installed hundreds of these systems in our customer's pianos ... experience far beyond most of our competitors!)


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How a Humidity Control System works:(as illustrated on a grand piano)

   The Dampp-Chaser Grand Piano Humidity Control System installs neatly and out of sight on all grand pianos, even on the concert stage.  The 5-part Piano Life Saver® System is controlled by the Dampp-Chaser Humidistat which regulates both the Humidifier and Dehumidifier as each is needed to maintain the piano manufacturer's recommended relative humidity.  The maintenance-free dehumidifier installs under the soundboard, circulating warm air to eliminate excessive humidity.  The humidifier combines a 1-gallon water reservoir with a silent evaporative system that releases moisture inside the piano when the environment becomes too dry.  A low water warning light alerts you when it is time to refill tank.  An Easy Fill Watering Kit is included.


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