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Piano Refinishing & Polishing - specializing in high gloss and true satin hand rubbed polyester piano finish, antique Steinway & Sons refinishing to original specifications, Mason & Hamlin piano restoration and refinishing, and All antique American and European upright pianos, grand pianos, player pianos.

Now our superior piano finish as well as custom finish design is available for any wood furniture or interior project, including panel finishing, custom furniture finishing and refinishing.  Rare veneers are available to match any decor.

Available Finishes 

Economy Finish – available in satin and semi-gloss, this is the least expensive and quickest finish available.  Best used for refinishing to similar or darker color, with minor or no body damage. 

Polyurethane Finish – Durable finish available in all levels of sheen (gloss, high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, etc.).  Automobile-like quality - best for solid colors and minimal depth.     

Organic Finish – available in semi-gloss and gloss, this is a Shellac and Varnish type of finish, alcohol based.  Great for wood grain finishes.  Requires regular polishing for maximum life. 

Water-based Finish – Environmentally-safe and friendly finish available in all sheens (satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high-gloss, etc.)  Very good for interiors and is low-maintenance. 

Polyester Finish – Chemical resistant, water resistant finish.  Hardest finish available.  Today’s standard for new high-end pianos, auto, marine and aviation interiors.  Non-flexible finish, not recommended for auto body and other flexible materials.  Available in all sheens (satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, etc.)  Can be applied up to 10 mils thickness and will resist all chemicals.  Never requires polishing. 

Hand finish – Highest quality finish available on the market.  Techniques including French Polishing, best used for antique pianos and furniture.  Minimum 30-40 coats of hand-applied, hand-buffed finish.  Maximizes grain and brings out natural colors in veneer.

Custom Colors and Textures created right here at our facilities!


call us at (800) 338-8637 at any time for a consultation and to schedule an appointment for an estimate for refinishing.

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Click below to uncover the beautiful custom piano and enter our custom piano restoration photos page where pictures of piano restoration are posted at along the way of the piano refinishing and restoration process

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When considering the refinishing of your pianos, it helps to know about the various products and methods available to you, as well as what is appropriate for your particular piano.

Traditionally, the object of refinishing a piano is to restore the original look of the instrument.  However, some customers change the color of the piano to make it match the furniture in their homes. 

While this is possible, professionals usually don't recommend changing solid colors (black, white, etc.) to wood finishes (mahogany, walnut, oak) since removing a solid base color may reveal some damages, imperfections, or mismatched patterns in the original wood.

If the quality of veneer is not to your liking or has been significantly damaged, we are specialists at replacing veneers.  In our collection, we have thousands of breeds of exotic veneers, including maples, mahogany veneers, select ebony and burl veneers from around the world.

There are many types of lacquers and finishes available on the market, such as:  regular lacquer, polyurethane, water-based finishes, and chemical-resistant polyester lacquer.  For antique, highly-detailed, carved, or ornamented pianos, many prefer a French polish.  This is a hand-refinishing technique performed by applying and buffing out multiple coats of alcohol-based lacquers, the way pianos were finished many years ago.  Our customers are welcome to choose any type of finish they prefer.

During the refinishing and restoration process, we invite our customers to our facilities to select the color and veneer for their piano.  When all the original lacquer has been stripped from the case and parts and the piano has been sanded, we invite you to look at the quality and type of wood on your piano.  You will have a chance to try different stains, from walnut to cherry, mahogany, oak, and many more.  We can also make a custom finish designed to match the furniture in your home.

Piano Legs, Music Desks, Piano Lid, Piano Pedals, Fallboards, and the piano case can be customized and redesigned to match your favorite style.  Carved and Art-deco pianos are worth far more on the market.
we can design to your taste and specifications

call us at (800)33-TUNER for a consultation and to schedule an appointment for an estimate

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* Refinishing & Polishing- we are experts in all types of lacquers and finishes that enhance the value and beauty of your piano

Piano Finish is known to be the highest-quality type of refinishing available. The amount of preparation work and the standards for the application of each coat are much greater than in the automotive, home, and aviation industries.



Our refinishing and restoration services are also available for all types of furniture, kitchens, automobile and marine interiors, airplane interiors, even gun stock restoration and refinishing.   please call us at your convenience at (800)338-8637 or email info@amadeuspianos.com regarding your refinishing or restoration project.


Custom restoration of antique furniture for many dealers and galleries in NY City, New Jersey, Connecticut.  We have the quickest turnaround.  Your furniture and piano will go right into our production flow, without any delays or waiting.          polyester lacquer finish and custom upholstery for SAPHCO Galleries, 2nd Ave. NYC
                call (800) 33-TUNER or email  info@amadeuspianos.com
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