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Welcome To our Restoration Facility Page.

   We are proud of all the piano restorations performed here by our family.  Each instrument is restored to customer preference and specifications.  Although we always prefer to restore to original condition, there is always a choice of parts for the mechanism, as well as an option to restore the existing ACTION, if possible.  Endless choices in customization of body colors, plate art reproduction, veneer selection and gloss level are available.  We also make parts for antique pianos, action parts, legs, pedals, custom veneers and designer art deco pianos.  No detail is spared, and we never  compromise on quality.

 Antique wood carries sound much better, and lasts longer because of the 50-80 year aging process, unavailable today.  The quality of metalwork for steel and copper-wound strings, in contrast, is much better today than it used to be 100 years ago.  That's why restored antique pianos sound so much better than new pianos and last far longer.

Antique Steinway & Sons Pianos are among the finest in the world.  The right and least expensive way to purchase a vintage Steinway is in its' original condition and have it restored for you.
Best restored when custom tailored to the owner's specifications, including your choice of action parts, hammers, strings, cast iron plate bronze color customization, the piano will have the look, touch and sound you desire.
We have Steinway Pianos in stock, as well as Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Chickering, Bechstein, Wurlitzer and many more brands, Euopean and American, all in original condition and available for restoration.
Please give us a call at (800)33-TUNER at any time for a consultation or to schedule a convenient appointment at our piano restoration and refinishing facilities.

Having a problem determining the age of your piano?  Let our team of experts do the work for you!

Please browse through the photos of some of our recent piano restorations: call (800)33-TUNER for consultation

Antique Knabe Baby Grand Piano Restored and Refinished for our customer in NYC.  Piano was originally ebony finish.  We stripped the piano to the bare wood, applied mahogany veneer and the finest quality polyester high-gloss hand-rubbed piano finish.  The Cast Iron plate has custom colors and custom sparkling design.  With original action mechanism restored, this piano has it's original sound back and looks better than ever.  Still available on display until the end of November, 08.
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Chickering Concert Grand Piano recently restored for our customer in California.  New Rosewood Veneer has been carefully selected and applied, treated and refinished. 




We made the piano legs and lyre.  They are very similar to the concert grand Steinway Piano leg, slightly larger.   The Custom wheels for this piano alone cost $1,800  Legs were custom-made for this gorgeous piano and massive concert grand piano wheels are installed.   


Chickering Grand Piano Restored and Refinished for our customers in Florida.  This piano has been through an amazing amount of damage by an amateur or unprofessional piano technician.  The soundboard was badly damaged and had many cracks.

Now back to it's original look and sound, this Chickering Grand Piano has a tremendous sound with plenty of power and beautiful, colorful tone.

Complete Restoration and refinishing of Chickering Baby Grand Piano from Rhode Island.  






This wonderful piano has suffered major structural damage, the rim was terribly cracked, as was the soundboard, bridges, and pinblock. 







Please enjoy the photos and see how this piano was brought back to life.  It now sounds the way it used to sound the day it was manufactured, and looks better than ever intended.




Restoration is just about complete, and the piano is being regulated and tuned to pitch.





Mason & Hamlin Serial Number 17527 Currently Being Restored for our customer, and is almost complete.  This Gorgeous Baby Grand Piano Underwent A Full Belly Restoration and Complete Refinishing.  The Soundboard was cracked in many places.  Please enjoy watching this priceless piano come back to life.



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