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Welcome to our piano accessories and products page. We are a full service supplier of professional piano parts, piano technicians tools, piano strings, piano accessories, piano bench, dual artist piano bench, leather piano bench, wood piano bench, we can order unfinished piano parts and piano benches and custom finish to match your piano exactly! Not every item is listed, but we do have access to everything that is made for pianos.

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Official Pen with flashlight built in


Gun Metal Finish


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You have found the perfect gift for your piano teacher or the piano lover in your life. Make music notation and even use a flashlight on the end of the pen for an ultra-bright LED music light. Order to be shipped in time for the holidays! -comes in a Gold Gift Box



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Piano Tuning in NY NJ and CT Metropolitan Area. Once Payment Clears, Please call us at (800)33-TUNER to schedule the appointment. $ 125.00 
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artist bench

New in STOCK

Dual Artist Piano Bench, Adjustable Artist bench with storage, BIG! for two people IN STOCK ebony black satin, black gloss, and mahogany. call (800)338-8637 to orderartist bench artist bench Free Shipping !


artist bench

Our price $539.00

Piano Bench Adjustable Leather Storage
In stock and available Priced to sell at $250.00
Piano Bench Adjustable Leather Storage Piano Bench Adjustable Leather Storage Piano Bench Adjustable Leather Storage Piano Bench Adjustable Leather Storage   

Piano Bench Adjustable Piano Bench Leather Bench with storage.
Available finishes: Ebony Gloss and Black satin, Brown Mahogany Gloss
Please call us at (800)33-TUNER to order this bench in any color. thank you.
Piano Bench Adjustable Leather Storage

$ 250.00 plus shipping
Piano Tuning DVD
DVD shows the entire process of tuning a Steinway Grand Piano To Concert Pitch A=440.  You will hear the tuning fork and the matching of the pitch to the piano.  Everything the piano tuner does is clearly shown, including inserting the muting felt, working with the tuning fork, tuning hammer, tuning mute, you can see exactly how the hands move to tune each tuning pin. 

At the end, the piano technician will play the piano to test the tuning.  This tuning is performed by a highly-trained professional.  The camera work is not professional and not perfect, but the camera person does a good job to show every movement of the technician's hands and tools.  The sound is loud and clear, you actually hear the tuning fork in the microphone and then matched to the "A" on the Steinway Grand piano.

The entire piano tuning process takes less than 30 minutes, using our minimized wasted motion technique, created by the founder of our company.

Many piano tuners take longer than one hour to tune a piano.  We believe that the longer the piano tuning takes, the worse it is for your piano because: Each time the tuning pin is turned it gets a little looser and the piano holds tuning worse each time.  If the Piano tuner turns the pin back and forth a few times during each tuning, they are doing a little more damage than good for your piano.  With our technique, the tuning pin is not tuned back and forth, but rather diagonally pulled and then set in the opposite direction to lock the pin and reinforce it, with minimal wear on the pin-block.

Our Price: $29.99





Humidifier Treatment for All Piano Climate Control

The Humidifier Treatment should be used regularly. Humidifier Treatment prolongs Humidifier pad life, keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and reduces mineral build-up in the tank. Use one (1)...
Our Price: $21.99

Humidity Control System Replacement Filters

Humidifier pads should be changed at least twice each year. Many customers have us change the pads during regular piano service. Others change the pads on their own using instructions included for...
Our Price: $12.99


Humidity Control System Service Kit

1 Bottle of Treatment, Set of 2 Filters

PLEASE NOTE: These products are the only products recommended for use in the Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System. Use of any other product will...

Our Price: $29.99


Key-Brite cleans, brightens, and preserves all plastic, ivory, ivorite, and wood instrument keys. Simple to use. Just spray six to eight inches from key surface and wipe clean the full length of...

Our Price: $12.99

Deep Cleaning and Polishing Kit for Pianos and Keyboards 

3-step, 3-piece deep cleaning, polishing and key cleaning kit.  In 30 minutes or less, renew the look of your new or antique piano.  This kit will make any piano look years younger, and works perfectly on black, white, wood, and all colors and finishes of pianos.

Our Price: $24.99
antique piano stool Antique Piano Stool Mahogany Hardwood and finish
Glass Ball and Claw feet




*we have all types of new and antique piano benches available for sale.  please call us at (800)33-TUNER to order piano tools, piano accessories and piano parts for your Steinway Grand Piano or any other American or European piano.

Condition preferred
Please select if you would like original or refinished
call us at (800)33-TUNER at any time regarding this stool

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