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The age of a piano matters a great deal for it's value and can tell a lot about the way the piano was manufactured and what kind and quality of wood was used to build your piano.  Older pianos are valued much more because of the scarce aged hardwoods selection.

If you're looking at a piano to buy, we'll be happy to do the research for you and send you on your way, but please take our advice, hire a professional technician to inspect the condition of the hardwoods, structure, mechanism, veneer and finish to avoid financial surprises in the future. We will go with you or on your behalf to any piano dealer or home anywhere in New York, New Jersey, Weschester, Long Island and Connecticut for a nominal fee, which is always deducted from any package of piano maintenance, restoration, moving, climate-controlled storage and other services we provide.

 Antique wood carries sound much better, and lasts longer because of the 50-80 year aging process, unavailable today.  The quality of metalwork for steel and copper-wound strings, in contrast, is much better today than it used to be 100 years ago.  That's why restored antique pianos sound so much better than new pianos and last far longer. click here to see photos and more about piano restoration

Having a problem determining the age of your piano?  Let our team of experts do the work for you!  For a nominal fee of $3.95 we will research the age of your piano and give you a prompt response - within 24-48 hours.

[Occasionally we may be unable to discover the age of a piano due to lost, destroyed, or inaccurate records kept by some manufacturers (i.e. circa WWII) - if this is the case, your processing fee will be fully refunded.]

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