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Music education is an invaluable tool.  Learning to play the piano, keyboard, violin, guitar, the trombone, clarinet, drums, and other instruments with a competent and knowledgeable music teacher will help your child succeed in his other studies and classes; spending time in a musical program will keep him off the streets and out of trouble; and learning to create and appreciate music and music theory will develop his intelligence, build his confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment.

           Studies have shown that kids who study music perform higher on standardized tests, have a higher than average rate of admittance to college,[1] and are more likely to go on to higher education.  The United States Department of Education stated that "Many colleges view participation in the arts and music as a valuable experience that broadens students’ understanding and appreciation of the world around them. It is also well known and widely recognized that the arts contribute significantly to children’s intellectual development."[2]  Learning to play the piano will directly affect a child’s reading comprehension, math, and logic skills.  In fact, “the very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians.”[3]  And learning about the different music pieces and composers will expose your son or daughter to the world’s rich history of arts and culture. 

Many of us enjoy playing or listening to music as an escape from the hectic world.  To a young person dealing with peer pressure and trying to make the right decisions, music may very well be an escape from tough situations and poor choices.  The extra time spent in music class and practice will help your child avoid the dangers of experimenting with illegal drugs.  In fact, students who participated in music programs reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.[4]   

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            Music education will not only help a child with his homework, and give him busy work, but will in fact make him feel much more secure and confident in his abilities.  “Studying music encourages self-discipline and diligence, traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits and that lead to effective study and work habits. Creating and performing music promotes self-expression and provides self-gratification while giving pleasure to others.”[5]  In the words of Former President Bill Clinton, “Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and, by studying, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective.”

 Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. offers many opportunities to enrich a child’s world through in-home classes for beginners through advanced piano, voice, theory, and all other instruments.  All our teachers are qualified musicians and educators who put their students’ individual needs and personalities first in order to introduce the new generation to the world of music, and let the students make it their own safe, challenging, and inspiring experience that will bring a lifetime of enrichment and enjoyment.


Five Good Reasons to Play Piano…At Least a Little
(plus there are many more!)
Most often, music lovers are content to merely listen. We listen to the works of our favorite artists in admiration -- even envy -- of their great talents, yet we rarely consider the possibility of making music ourselves. With our busy modern lives, the majority of adults long ago set aside their musical aspirations in favor of so-called "more realistic" goals.
But why is this? Sure, by a certain age, it does become more realistic to put to rest dreams of being rock stars or symphony orchestra composers. Even so, playing music is not all about achieving fame and recognition. On the contrary, there are countless reasons to take up a musical instrument. Piano, in particular, is a popular choice for adults, due to its simplicity, versatility, and the pure beauty of its sound. Here are a few reasons why you should learn to play piano:
1) Mental well-being: Playing music promotes brain health to a far greater degree than more passive, less creative home-based activities like watching television, reading, or playing games. Indeed, studies have shown that the links between music and intelligence are more than merely theoretical. Practicing and playing piano sharpens hand-eye coordination, hones math and memorization skills, and enhances the brain's ability to think creatively. Some studies have even shown that learning an instrument can increase one's IQ.
2) Self-esteem: At work, upon successfully completing a project, most of us feel a special sense of gladness and self-worth. Playing music can be the same way. Musicians often describe a "high" that is felt while they are playing, a self-esteem boost that can extend into one's daily life.
3) Stress reduction: Learning an instrument is a great way to reduce stress. After a difficult day out in the chaotic world, there is nothing more comforting than the simple and ordered system of a piano keyboard. Then, whether practicing or simply playing for pleasure, it doesn't take long to totally immerse oneself in the music. Soon, the stresses and cares of the world are forgotten, gently brushed aside by music's pure melody and harmony.
4) User-friendliness: Of course, there are many instruments that one can learn to play, but none is more simple and straightforward than the piano. With woodwind instruments, such as flute or clarinet, the player must memorize a huge number of finger positions for every note. Guitar, too, is a popular instrument for adults, but most people who learn guitar simply memorize the chords, while learning very little about music theory -- which is important. With piano, you can learn chords too, but also learn to read sheet music.
Soon after taking up the piano, you will have learned many of the ins and outs of music theory without even realizing it. This is because the piano keyboard is the most perfect musical interface ever created. The system of seven white keys and five black keys is a simple visual representation of the musical scale.
To illustrate, if you can perform the simple act of pressing the seven white keys in order from C to C, then you already know how to play the C Major scale! Some guitar players never learn that. This is why people who play other instruments tend to visualize a piano keyboard while playing; the piano puts the entire structure of music right in front of you.
5) Convenience: Because of its user-friendliness and the pure perfection of its sound, the piano is not only one of the most widely used instruments in compositions and recordings, but it is also a ubiquitous presence in the average American middle-class household. For this reason, private piano lessons are much easier to find, and more affordable, than lessons in other instruments. In all likelihood, your neighborhood has several qualified piano teachers, who are usually easy to find via newspaper and Internet ads. Some teachers will come to you, while others will require you to take lessons on their own pianos. You can even find wonderful piano courses on the internet just by typing something like "piano lessons for adults" into any search engine.
Meanwhile, though it goes without saying, piano is also one of the most fun instruments to play. It can be played softly, loudly, or anywhere in between, and it accommodates a wide range of speeds, emotions, and musical styles. Plus, after a few lessons, when your fingers have gained a degree of limberness, the piano makes it very easy to create playful improvisations and compositions of your own. It's true that few of us will ever achieve our rock star dreams, but who cares? Playing at home -- for family, friends, pets, or just yourself -- can be just as rewarding.
Duane Shinn is the author of the popular free 101-week piano chords e-mail newsletter titled "Amazing Secrets Of Exciting Piano Chords & Sizzling Chord Progressions" with over 55,000 current subscribers. Those interested may obtain a free subscription by going to http://www.playpiano.com/


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Professional, fully accredited teachers

All the teachers affiliated with our program are certified professionals that have earned degrees with accredited schools from all over the world, from the Moscow Conservatory to the Juilliard School. While each teacher brings in his or her own methods and experiences, we all follow the same methodology of the Amadeus Conservatory of Music.  This allows for a much easier transition when a student changes teachers.

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New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut availability

We've been building our tri-state network for over a dozen years, and now we are able to offer the same quality music education on all instruments no matter where you may live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.  It's no longer necessary to spend hours on the road just to get to and from music lessons.  Get the personalized attention your child deserves.

Our teachers will come to your home or meet you at our showrooms, to give their full attention to their student.  Our musical hour is from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on the age of the student and the lesson plan.

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Immediate teacher replacement if student is unsatisfied

Chemistry between the student and teacher is not something that can be guaranteed.  We believe that every student should have a right to choose the teacher who has a compatible personality, method, etc. in order to achieve best results.  This is why we promise to find the right teacher for you.  If you're not satisfied, simply contact our office at any time during the program and we'll send you another instructor.

There is no financial relationship between the student and teacher, which really helps the learning process. 

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Student Recitals

Each teacher's class will host performances annually or semi-annually, according to the teacher's plan for their class.  The Amadeus Conservatory of Music will provide recital space in reputable halls in the tri-state are for each performance.  At the concerts, your child will have a chance to grow with the rest of their class, alongside others in the program.

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In-Home, yet Competitive setting

Our program works in your home, but with the competitive atmosphere that your child needs in order to grow at a strong pace.

Our teachers will drive to your home.  If you don't have an instrument, we can rent you one, or meet you at our showrooms for lessons.

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School Newsletter

Our online publications are frequently updated for pricing and availability updates.

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Reduced Piano Maintenance Costs

You will also find discounts on virtually all aspects of music instruments, accessories, and services.

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Piano Tuning Piano Refinishing Piano Rebuilding & Restoration Piano Moving & Rentals Piano Rentals

  Short-Term Rentals:  whether you're renting a piano for a day, a week, or a month - we have a wide assortment of pianos available to meet your needs.  Unlike our competitors, when you call for a quote you get the final all-inclusive price including the instrument rental fee, round-trip moving fees, and on-site tuning - with no hidden charges.

   Long-Term Rentals:  need a piano for 6 months or more?  Save money with our long-term rental rates - you get discounted maintenance & moving and we throw in the first tuning for free!  And unlike owning a piano, you'll never have to pay for major repairs or restoration - we cover it!  And if the instrument ever approaches irreparable condition - we will provide for a replacement.

   With our "Rent w/Option to Buy" package, we will apply up to 6 months rental fees towards the purchase of the piano.  Now you can not only try before you buy, but save on expensive financing fees as well!

 In-Home Music Lesson Prices for the school year 2006-2007




One Semester  (4 months)

Once per week   (about 16 lessons)

$ 800.00

One Semester  (4 months)

Twice per week  (about 32 lessons)

$ 1,280.00





One Semester  (4 months)

Once per week   (about 16 lessons)

$ 720.00

One Semester  (4 months)

Twice per week  (about 32 lessons)

$ 1,152.00


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