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Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is a 3rd generation family owned and operated piano restoration refinishing and design company. Specializing in antique and rare pianos, we are experts at restoring pianos to original specifications, Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Baldwin, Yamaha, Knabe, and all other piano brands.

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All makes and models of pianos.  Browse customer listings and see our special offers!

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Piano Lessons, Voice, Guitar, and all other instruments available in NY, NJ, and CT.       Sign up now for either one of our tuition packages and join our school.

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Custom pin blocks and Bridges Remanufactured for a superior grip and precise, even tuning.   With cracks in the bridges and pin-block, the piano will stop holding it's tuning and will go out of tune more and more often until it's not serviceable.  Click on the photos below to see what a cracked bridge and tuning pin block looks like. 

piano bridge crack repair  piano pin block pinblock

Piano Storage   Store your piano in our climate-controlled facility short or long term.  Upright piano storage starts at $60.00 per month, Grand Piano Storage $90.00 per month call for immediate pickup (800)33-TUNER

Thinking of Purchasing a piano? Find out it's age within 24 hours.

Frequently asked piano maintenance questions and more

Learn Piano Restoration Be a Piano Tuner, Piano Restorer, Piano Refinisher, Piano Mover

Piano A440 Tuning ForkA=440   Click on the Tuning Fork to hear a perfect A440 pitch and play an "A" on your piano at the same time.  If you hear a pattern of repeating beats, your piano is out of tune!  If the "A" note on your piano sounds like a completely different note, your piano may need a pitch -raise. Please call us at (800)33-TUNER for a free consultation with a piano tuner or technician or to schedule an appointment for a piano tuning

We have a piano tuner in your area of New York New Jersey Connecticut, call  (800)33-TUNER

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Did you know that every piano, upright and grand pianos alike, must be tuned at least twice each year

        Attention, Dealers and Piano Technicians,  Read our 30-minute piano tuning blog

Online Piano supply Catalog, with piano accessories, piano cleaning supplies, piano tuning dvd, piano tuning tools, and much more.  The catalog is growing and new, so if you don't see some piano tools, piano parts, or piano supplies and piano accessories you're looking for, just give us a call for the prices and delivery options.  please feel free to email us at info@amadeuspianos.com
Browse and Purchase all of our new piano finish care products and our expanding line of piano parts, accessories and piano tuner and piano technician tools and piano repair supplies.  Piano bench parts, new and used benches, covers, and piano lock.    Piano Tuning and Restoration Tools and videos available  click on the link below. 

  Our insured, professional piano movers move one piano at a time, with great care and knowledge of how to protect your valued piano and home.  Our new trucks are fully equipped with climate control to provide the safest piano moving available in the piano moving industry.                   Call 1(800) 33-TUNER for pricing and availability.




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click on pictures below to see the damage caused by unprofessional movers.  Cost of restoration $2,700

-Never let anyone move your piano without proper equipment.  Piano finish is very costly to repair.  One wrong move, and your piano can end up with a broken leg, or side, and scratched finish, which can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to repair.

Piano Moving is a specialized skill that takes years to perfect.  Aside from strength, discipline, and knowledge of the piano, proper equipment helps insure a safe trip for your piano.  Our piano movers use the best and latest equipment to move your piano without any damage.  Very few companies can say that they have a perfect record, but our movers have never damaged a piano in over 12 years that we have been in business.  Without a doubt, our equipment has a great deal to do with it.  Grand pianos are disassembled and wrapped in special piano blankets, put on a skid board and tied with ratcheting straps, protecting the entire piano.  Piano legs and blankets are placed into specialized padded bags   The board with the piano is then placed on a dolly and safely transported into the truck or even up flights of stairs.  please read our Consumer Alert


Make a deposit or pay your bill in full - simply click on the drop-down menu to select the option that most accurately reflects your service, enter your invoice number or reference number, and click the "payments" button below.  You will then be brought to a secure page where you will be asked to type in the amount of payment.  Make sure to include any taxes, if applicable.

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Now Open Our new state-of-the-art storage and restoration facility is now open for business!  Our newly acquired facility features a fully functional rebuilding & restoration workshop, racked storage, and showroom. Call and stop by please see our work!

Because of the larger space, we're now able to offer climate-controlled piano storage starting at $60.00 per month, plus the cost of delivery.  Since we provide the moving and storage, greater discounts for piano restoration and repairs are also available.  Within the same facility, your piano can be restored and wait for you in our climate-controlled storage rooms.  While in storage, piano tuning is also available - to keep up the string tension at all times.  We chose this building because Long Island is the prime location for our business - close to the city and right by several major highways.  Please call 1-800-33TUNER to schedule an appointment today!

Click on map above for driving directions - By Appointment Only!

If you're having home repairs performed or you're relocating, don't take the risk of piano damage.  Let us store your upright or grand piano in our brand new climate-controlled storage and warehouse facility.  Discounted piano moving and repair services also available to our storage customers!

 Call us at 1(800)338-8637 or email  info@amadeuspianos.com

Click on a Service below for more information:                                  


Tuning, Pitch Raising, & Voicing - we service & repair all types of acoustic pianos - grand, baby grand, upright, or spinet...


Repairs & Regulation (Action) - there are over 9,000 parts that compose the average piano - including key pieces like the keyboard, strings, soundboard, bridge, damper, pedal, hammer, etc.  Action Regulation is essential for optimum performance...


Rebuilding & Restoration - as a fine wine ages with time, so does the wood of a piano.  Older, hand-made pianos are often tonally superior to even the finest new pianos available...and well worth preserving.


Refinishing & Polishing - add to the appeal of your piano, while enhancing its natural beauty with the true PianoFinish


Appraisals & Estimates - if you would like to purchase a piano or sell your piano, then only way to know the exact value of your instrument is to have a piano technician perform a full inspection and written appraisal on the instrument...


Buying & Selling - broken hinge?  busted wheel or caster?  torn cushion or broken bench?  We can special order supplies to fulfill your parts & accessories needs.


Rentals - Short/Long Term - looking to rent a piano for a day, week, month, or even year?  Call us for a free quote - and don't forget to ask about our Rent w/Option to Buy package.


Moving - Local/Nationwide - we take great care in relocating pianos, whether the distance is down a floor, down the hall or several states away.  We are properly scheduled and dedicate ourselves fully to every job, moving one piano at a time.


storage - if you're having home repairs performed or you're relocating, don't take the risk of piano damage.  Let us store your upright or grand piano in our brand new climate-controlled storage and warehouse facility.


Lessons - now, the same professional tri-state coverage is available for music lessons as it is for quality piano service, and with the same quick availability and prompt scheduling that you’re used to from Amadeus Piano Co., Inc.


Custom Antique Furniture restoration, Refinishing & Polishing - antique yacht interiors, aviation interiors, automotive interiors.  All types of veneers available.  Rare breeds of fine woods including rosewoods, ebony, all burl veneers, piano finish on kitchens and interiors.

bullet Piano Keys - Piano key restoration and custom replacement.  Piano Ivory Keys fixed, color and shade matching, Preserve the antique ivory keytops or replace for plastic and ivory imitation, ivorene
bullet Harpsichord and Clavichord Restoration Refinishing, Repair and Maintenance

Climate & Humidity Control Systems - piano actions are composed mainly of wood & felt, materials highly susceptible to environmental changes.  Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is the proud recipient of the Field Expert Award by Damp-Chaser Corp., the leading manufacturer of climate control systems.

Coverage Area: 

Our local coverage area includes the entire New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area - including all five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, & Staten Island) out to the North and South Forks of Long Island and Shelter Island.         

             Services Provided (wholesale & retail):                             

Piano Tuning - including pitch raising and voicing;  Piano Repairs - including restringing, bridge repair, soundboard repair, and action regulation;  Piano Rebuilding - all forms of custom restoration;  Piano Refinishing - including French polishing;  Piano Rentals - by the day, month, or year;  Piano Moving - local and long distance;  Piano Appraisals - know before you buy or sell;  and Music Lessons - click the Amadeus Conservatory of Music banner at the bottom of the page to learn how to enroll for music lessons for almost any type of musical instrument

Piano Rental School Year Special:  

Rent an upright or baby grand piano starting $1/day $30/month

Types of Pianos Serviced:

At Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. we have serviced and restored all types of pianos including:  spinet pianos, console pianos, studio upright pianos, upright grand pianos, baby grand pianos, grand pianos, concert grand pianos, square grand pianos, antique pianos, and even some player pianos.  We continue to practice the art of piano restoration, restoring value and original sound and aesthetic look.                                                                                                     restoring a piano

We service all brands and sizes of pianos.  Below are some manufacturer links.  Please click and enjoy.  We would like to add that we are not responsible for any claims they make on their websites, including the fact that some piano factories that mass-produce pianos in China, Indonesia and Taiwan with inferior parts, still claim to be the best-made pianos in the world, while treading on the good name created by their forefathers.  As a matter of fact, none of the piano brands listed below except Steinway & Sons, are made in U.S.

 Call us at 1(800)338-8637 or email  info@amadeuspianos.com

While most people still learn piano by traditional methods of one-on-one classical piano and theory instruction, some of our clients are self-taught and prefer non-traditional methods of acquiring piano skills. We always advise professional assistance, but if you're a committed do-it-myself kind of person, please give a try to a well-written program below:

I don't need no piano teacher, I want to learn myself!

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